Delhi based startup ‘’Dhannocare‘’ has secured 1st position in ‘’Startup Conclave’’ organized by IMS GMA Ghaziabad.

New Delhi | February 2020:

New Delhi | 17 february 2020: 

IMS Ghaziabad at its University Campus organised a ‘’Startup Conclave’’ dated on Feb 15, 2020. In this conclave, more than 50 startups participated in which Delhi based innovative startup ‘DhannoCare’ has secured the first position and titled as the “Excellence Startup” amongst all the other participants and has been rewarded with a cash prize of rupees 10k.
The company has organised a stall at the conclave to showcase their cleaning products, smart mobile app, and innovative ideas. It has been appreciated by all the delegates present over there.

Based on their innovative ideas and vision to business and grand success at first day on customer’s acquisition the jury decided to reward the Dhannocare as the ‘’excellence startups’’.

The company’s CEO Mr. Pravesh Pandey said that ‘’Dhannocare would like to be a complete car care solution for all’’.
Whereas the ‘Dhannocare’ co-founder Mr. Ritesh Rai said that ‘’we are very focussed to achieve a good retention rate and we have very much succeeded in this direction’’.
Talking about the future plans Mr. Pravesh Pandey told that very soon we will be getting into the product manufacturing, schedule services, franchise model as well as buy and sell portal itself.
It is really impressive to everyone as we discussed and a true example of entrepreneurship and a great job creation which leads to nation building.
Startup like ‘Dhannocare’ are not only solving an India problem, but also are creating pathways for the Indian start up ecosystem to command global market share in the times to come.


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